Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Project Begins

Based on @Astro_Pettit's blog and tweets of @Astro_Zuc, my 4th grade science students decided to write a blog in the voice of their RCBr plant along side their objective observation logs. We read the @Astro_Zuc blog and tweets and my students made some wonderful connections to their work:
  • "Hey we're doing the same thing!"
  • "Can we share our plants with them?"
  • "Those look like our plants!"
  • "We need to know how to grow plants in space for food on Mars."
  • "We should write as our plants!"
  • "Could we make the compost and tea like @Astro_Pettit uses?"

And so we are...

Our Brassica rapa seeds were planted on April 9. They are planted in a special potting media and receive constant light and water.

Here are some of the resources we are referring to to learn how to blog and tweet:

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