Monday, April 30, 2012

18 April Day 9

Me at nine days old!
I have grown more! My height is still 29 mm, but now I have four true leaves. They are dark green and have jagged margins. My leaves are collecting the energy from the light. My roots are absorbing water and nutrients from the soil. My leaves are breathing in carbon dioxide from the air. Fortunately my gardeners make a lot of carbon dioxide. They ALWAYS seem to be talking! All these things are helping me grow. You can see veins on my true leaves. Some of my veins are light green, almost clear, and some of them are brown or purple. My cotyledons have gotten bigger, they are now 20 mm across and they are light green. My stem is kind of pink or purple near my cotyledons and then gets a light green to white near the top. Some of my roots are starting to grow through the sides of my pot. I wish I had some flowers...

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