Wednesday, May 2, 2012

24 April Day 15

A picture of me on Day 15
My cotyledons seem really low because everything above them has grown so much. I have four true leaves and lots of flower buds! I am 82 mm tall now! My stem grew so much that I was starting to bend over and my gardeners splinted me with a bamboo skewer and some tape. My true leaves are a healthy dark green and the color in their veins has gotten darker. My leaves have a mixture of toothed and lobed margins. My cotyledons are starting to turn yellow and they might shrivel and fall off soon. But don’t worry, I’m under constant light and with all those true leaves I can provide for myself by doing photosynthesis.

My gardeners check on me once every week on Tuesdays. They are taking very good care of me. My neighborhood is getting crowded and bushy as the other plants are all growing too. I am worried about a couple of my neighbors because they look a little sickly. They are more bent than they should be and some of their leaves have brown spots on them.

I don’t have any open flowers or fruit yet, but I totally want my flower buds to open!

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