Wednesday, May 9, 2012

1 May Day 21

I am now three weeks old. Hurray! I have flowers!  I’m making yellow petals so that some animals might notice that I have flowers. Since I’m growing inside a box that my gardeners call a classroom, I need to get my gardeners’ attention. I need them to pick up pollen from my anthers and bring it to the stigmas of my neighbors’ flowers. I also need to get pollen from my neighbors’ anthers onto my stigmas. Once I get pollen on my stigmas, my ovules get fertilized and turn into seeds. Once this happened, my ovaries start to swell and get longer. Since my gardeners are not bees, they pollinated me with a black furry thing that they call a pollinating wand.

My leaves have gotten bigger and I have a few new ones. My cotyledons continue to wilt and are about to fall off. I’m now 125 mm tall!

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