Wednesday, May 30, 2012

TeraRCBr Looks Back on Life (AO)

TeraRCBr Life Story

Week 1

I finally germinated! Yay! I am so happy that I was able to come out of dormancy. My neighbor wasn't so lucky. He is still in the dormant stage but I'm sure that he will germinate soon. I am worried that he might not make it though. I absorbed moisture and my testa softened making way for my cotyledons and radical to break through the testa. Every second I am growing taller and my root system is starting to develop. My root hairs and starting to branch out and my root system is getting longer. My roots are getting stronger and thicker. My cotyledons are giving me the energy to grow. I can't wait to push through the ground and see sunlight for the first time. I wonder what sunlight feels like? Does it feel good? Does it feel bad? Will I live to know? My gardener call this stage of my life GERMINATION.

Week 2

My root system is developing and it got more complex. My roots got longer. The roots branch out from the main root and that is why I call it more complex. I have hair on my stem and petiole. My cotyledons emerge from the soil. I have 2 cotyledons they are still new and they are healthy. My cotyledons are heart shaped. I have four true leaves and they are all healthy. My true leaves are lobed / jagged. I am a healthy light green. I have flower buds and they look like they will sprout in a short amount of time. My flower buds are triangular prisms. My stem is growing larger I am now 82 mm tall. My gardener call this stage of my life SEEDLING DEVELOPMENT.

Week 3

My stem is long and skinny. I have about 6 light green true leaves. My cotyledons are light brown and crumpled. I have about 7 flower buds that are yellow and green. I’m starting to do photosynthesis and its easy to see because my leaves are getting stronger. I am taking nutrients and water from the soil and carbon dioxide from the air and use the light to make sugar. I use the sugar to grow. It’s my food. To do all this I use the chlorophyll (my green pigment) in my leaves to absorb the light. I give back oxygen to my gardeners. I think my flower buds might sprout soon. My height is about 100 mm. I feel really high off the ground. My gardener says I am growing and developing.

Week 4

My flower buds have opened and my petals are a beautiful, bright yellow. My flowers are quite small but such a vibrant yellow that is sure to attract some pollinators very soon. I will be pollinated by my gardeners because I am in a box-like place called a "classroom" where there are no bees or other insects. My gardeners will pollinate me with a pollination wand. A pollination wand is a little piece of wire with a fuzzy thing on the tip that works like a bees' body. It works like a bee's body so it can pick up the pollen from my anthers and deliver it to another plant's flower's stigma safely. My cotyledons have started to wither because they are running out of nutrients. This bothers me a little but I think this is part of my life cycle. My true leaves have gotten larger in size and more have sprouted. My stem has grown extremely long but it is pale compared to the rest of me. I have many flower buds. They grow in little clusters around my true leaves. I am excited for my flowers to be pollinated so they can turn into fruits. As I grow my root system is developing quickly and getting more complicated. I have good soil and lots of water I know I will be a large and healthy plant. I'm so excited that I am going to be pollinated and grow fruits! My gardener call this stage of my life FLOWERING AND POLLINATION.

Week 5

I am 154 mm tall! My cotyledons are shriveling up and they look like they are falling off.  I am green with a hint of yellow and brown. I have 15 true leaves. I have 25 flower buds. The fruit looks sort of like a  big fat string bean. Most of my true leaves are very large. My stem starts out a kind of green and then goes to a light green. My stem bends over so much that my gardeners put a stick to hold up my stem. The stick is very uncomfortable. My petals wither and fall off because my gardener has pollinated me with the pollinating wand. My ovary starts to swell and gets longer because my ovules have been fertilized and are now developing into seeds. My gardeners are being very kind to me. It's getting very very crowded in my neighborhood because everyone is growing so much. My neighbors’ leaves are getting on me and it is very uncomfortable. I am very happy with my gardeners because they are nice and they take good care of me and don't bend my stem. I am so excited I have healthy fruit. My gardener call this stage of my life FRUITING.

Week 6

My leaves are getting bigger and heavier and weighing down my stem. I hope I don't fall over! My cotyledons are turning brown and wilting. Most of my flower petals have fallen off but I still have a few left. I have many flower buds and many fruits. I'm glad my gardener pollinated me so I could have fruit. My fruit is getting long, green and puffy. My gardeners say I am coming to the end of my life cycle I don't want to die but they say I have to create the next generation. I hope my seeds become big and healthy like me and grow fruits like me and continue the family I have. I've had a good long life and I have grown big. I have grown very tall. I am 231 mm  tall and when I look down I become dizzy! I really hope I don't fall down. Some of my neighbors are much bigger than me and they have a lot more fruit but at least I'm pretty tall and I have some fruit. I should say good-bye to my neighbors because I am going to die soon and I will miss them when I die. My gardener call this stage of my life MATURITY.

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